versatile - sustainable - original Create variations with colour interspersions Easy-Fix installation | 6 colours | 100 % PA | 1,300 g/m² basis weight | Tiles and sheet goods

Just in time for BAU 2023, we presented the trend design of the year: FINETT VARIO. From 1,000 sqm, the shown or individual colour variations can be realised.

The name says it all: with FINETT VARIO, infinite design variations can be realised with little effort. Different colour scatters form a strong contrast to the uniform black basic tone and invite to combine with each other and with the trend colours of the FINETT DIMENSION collection.

FINETT VARIO also shares the technical basis with the latter: with a weight of 1,300 grams per square metre, the needlefelt modules are only just under a third as heavy as comparable textile tiles, which results in a resource saving of 70% already during production and subsequently also during transport and considerably simplifies handling on the construction site.

Thanks to the patented structure, FINETT VARIO, like FINETT DIMENSION, is extremely dimensionally stable. This results from the use of bio-based polyamide fibres in the wear layer. The tiles and planks therefore do not require any questionable heavy coatings and are laid in the same way as the sheet goods, so that they can be taken up again. Individual modules or even entire areas can thus be replaced quickly and easily.

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Technical specifications