light - lies - fits

Modular elements to create your designs
38 colours | 100 % PA dorix® | 1.600 g/m² total weight | tiles, planks and special forms

Even with changing air humidity the FINETT DIMENSION modular elements are absolutely dimensionally stable. Therefore, they are only fixed to the floor, not glued over the entire surface. So, individual elements or even entire surfaces can be replaced easily and fast.

The novel structure with a wear layer completely made of polyamide makes the elements as wear-resistant as classical roll material and achieves identical colour effects. In single-colour carpets, the joints between the individual elements are hardly visible.   

FINETT DIMENSION is available as tiles (50 x 50 cm) and planks (25 x 100 cm), as well as in various special formats. Together with the 38 colours of the collection this opens up infinite design possibilities.


Technical specifications