Needled carpet combines the advantage of textile and hard floors.

Wear resistance

The “needled” fibres (polyamide/nylon) produce an extremely robust carpet for heavy-traffic areas.

Economic efficency

FINETT needled carpets are offered at a reasonable dost, are particularly robust, durable, easy to clean and hence economical.

Made in Germany

All FINETT qualities are manufactured by FINDEISEN GmbH in Ettlingen (Baden-Wuerttemberg).


Winner of Design Awards

FINDEISEN´s collections open up infinite design options and that´s why they already won numerous design awards.

Improved acoustics

High impact sound reduction and sound absorption ensure far better room acoustics as compared to hard floors.

Sustainable materials

In addition to the recycling material of the backing, FINDEISEN increasingly uses fibres of renewable raw materials for the wear layer of its carpets.

Individuality and flexibility

Modular elements open up infinite design options and can be replaced easily, e.g. in case of soiling or renovation.


Needles carpets are easy on joints and backs an bind dust. This is why they are particulary suited for people suffering from an allergy.