Live sustainably: a top priority for FINDEISEN and its needled carpets. Besides the certificates (Blue Angel, GuT, membership in the DGNB -German Sustainable Building Council, GreenLabel Plus) which our company takes for granted by now, it is production exclusively in Germany, optimized logistics, and extreme durability of our needled carpets that matter here.

„Green” pioneer of the flooring business: FINDEISEN. Since FINDEISEN started to manufacture needled carpets in the 1970ies already, the substrate has entirely been made of recycling fibres. Besides all relevant certifications, in early 2013 we also presented the first needled carpet which is mainly made of renewable raw materials: FINETT SOLID green.

Sentinel House

The Sentinel Haus Institut is the market and knowledge leader for health in buildings. In a comprehensive network, the company develops scientific findings on indoor health and market- and practice-oriented implementation in buildings of all types and construction methods. The Sentinel Portal is the largest online platform for the healthy construction, refurbishment, renovation and operation of buildings.


FINDEISEN was the first company worldwide that, in 2008, was awarded the eco-label for low-emission textile floorings for a whole product family.

GUT Certificate

The GUT label proves that the carpet was tested by a certified test institute. Test criteria are an environmental-friendly production, meeting the GUT test criteria for environmentally hazardous substances, low emissions and almost odour-free new carpets.

Whether manufacturer, architect, planner, craftsman or auditor: the DGNB Navigator is a convenient tool that supports all those involved in the product selection process. The unique online platform creates transparency and provides everyone with valuable information on the product they are looking for and its characteristics – for example, information on environmental impact, calculation of life cycle costs, energy requirements or emission behaviour – quickly, precisely and free of charge.


Building according to the „Sustainable Building Technical Manual” means „healthier” and „more resource-saving” buildings. „Green buildings” with LEED and DGNB certifications convince by low maintenance costs, shorter vacancies, higher rents and higher proceeds. These buildings keep, medium and long-term, higher values, the so-called life-cycle costs are rather low compared to buildings where materials of less quality are used.


Textile floorings which meet the test program of the renowned Carpet and Rug Institute make an important contribution to improved indoor air quality.

CE Certificate

„The European passport” – a carpet without CE label (on each roll/each box) should not be installed in any building in Europe. The certification guarantees essential requirements e.g. in view of fire protection, health and safety in use.