The first needled carpet which is mainly made of natural or recycled raw materials.

12 colours | 100 % PAX dorix® | 1.500 g/m² total weight

The FINETT SOLID green quality distinguishes itself by a wear layer made of a polyamide fibre 64 % of which being of natural origin. The main raw material is castor oil obtained from the beans of the tree of the same name. This oil is the key element for the production of the polyamide fibre used in the wear layer. The backing consists of recycling fibres half of which are from post-industrial textiles, the other half of post-consumer origin.  

Obvious quality features known from regular FINDEISEN needled carpets are given for FINETT SOLID green as well: extreme wear resistance, sustainability certificates and low life-cycle costs.

Technical specifications


Technical data sheet

Wear layer

100 % polyamide dorix®

(64 % renewable/natural sources)


Nonwoven (100 % recycling fibres) with PP-Mesh

Installation DIN 18365

For the correct installation of our textile floorings use only ultra low emission adhesives, free of low-, middleand
high boiling solvents and with very high shear strength (> 2 N/mm2, in accordance with EN 14293).

Total weight ISO 8543

1500 g/m²

Fibre weight

700 g/m²

Wear layer weight EN 984

640 g/m²


roll width 200 cm | roll length 25-35 rm
No cut lengths possible | Raised-floor cuts 61 x 61 cm

Total thickness ISO 1765

6,4 mm

Impact sound insulation ISO 10140

23 dB

Level of sound absorption ISO 354

Freq. Hz 125   250   500  1000  2000  4000
αs           0,01  0,04  0,08  0,17   0,35   0,60

Colour fastness to light ISO 105-B02


Special colours

> 1000 m²