Meet Adele – the project F3

Cclour | Shape | Fibre

Hands-on Art

Fstands for the triad of Farbe, Form und Faser (colour, shape and fibre). These aspects characterize needled material as a material of modern interior architecture.

Project F3 transforms the „DNA“ of needled material into some of the most famous works of art of the world, producing familiar motifs in a novel design context.

The three-dimensional fibre structure of the needled material combined with its special colour effects produces a vividness inviting you not only to look at the material, but also to feel it. Its haptics open up a new dimension of artistic perception – from viewing to understanding.

Artists and Works

Project F3 is based on selected works of the classic modern art. Essential for the selection was the respective artist’s intense approach to the interplay of shape and colour.

This ranges from ornaments and areas in Gustav Klimt‘s art nouveau works over Paul Klee’s geometric abstraction to the complete breaking-away from object orientation in Piet Mondrian’s neoplasticism. The F3 transformations intensify the relation between shape and colour and are linked up with the special materiality of needled material.


For more detailed information, please see also the exhibition catalogue and the making-of film.