Individual shapes

Customized solutions

Our up-to-date cutters produce logos, inlays and modular elements according to your specification for installation on raised carpets. For this, you may choose from our entire range of high-quality needled carpets.

For a changeable installation we especially developed our FINETT DIMENSION collection. For more information on its tiles, planks and special shapes please click here.

Logos and inlays

For your raised-floor projects we produce the needled carpets cuts according to your specifications.The raised-floor cuts you receive are ready-made for direct application, in the usual dimensions. The back of the raised-floor cuts are showing arrow marks for unidirectional applications.

Raised-floor cuts

Present your company’s logo in the entrance area. Put individually designed motives into the limelight attractively, at your choice and according to your fantasy. Place inlays or borders that you have designed yourselves. Technically no problem for us: We produce your logos and inlays using a highly precise cutters. The inlays are inserted already when you receive the carpet – so, they can be installed easily.