quiet - strong - colourful

Load capacity, variety of colours with optimum acoustics

42 colours | 100 % PA solution dyed solution dyed | 1.700 g/m² total weight

A FINETT VISION flooring meets highest aesthetic and functional demands.  By reducing the impact sound by 25 dB and with a sound absorption degree (αW) of 0.20 FINETT VISION improves the acoustics of a room considerably. Moreover, this positive effect can even be increased by FINETT ACOUSTICS acoustic panels and partition walls where the needled material is also an eye-catcher.

What goes for other materials does also go for needled carpets: Subdued and melange colours hide soiling better than clear and strong plain colours. Accordingly stain-resistant colour combinations prolong the intervals between necessary cleanings.

The melange optics typical for needled carpets of the FINETT VISION  collection results from the mixture of multi-coloured fine fibres which distinguish themselves by their brilliant colours and high wearing resistance. 

So, FINETT VISION  combines a fresh and appealing colour design with the long life of a classic needled carpet.

Discontinued colors

The following colours are no longer part of the current collection. However, there are still larger remaining quantities available and we are also happy to produce the colours as special colours for you from 1,000 sqm.

ATTENTION: Discontinued items – please check availability in good time!

Technical specifications